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  • How long do adoptions usually take?
    • Every adoption is different; the timelines may vary depending on your case.
  • What’s the cost?
    • The average cost of a domestic adoption also varies; however, oversights, omissions, mistakes can dramatically increase the cost vs working with an attorney who can help ensure an efficient and successful adoption. Don’t let your money go to waste.
  • What do I have to do?
    • North Carolina has many boxes to check off as a prospective parent, we can help make sure everything is done correctly and properly the first time.

The adoption process in North Carolina

The adoption process in North Carolina depends on the specific facts of your case. You may already know the child or their biological parent, or you may work with an agency to identify a child who is available for adoption. In all cases, you must show the court that the adoption is in the child’s best interests. Bobby Mills can help you determine the best course of action to help you make the adoption process smooth and successful – to get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Adoption is a journey. We’ll be there every step of the way. Let us take care of the paperwork while you take care of the child.

Why Choose Mills Adoption Law to Help You Adopt a Baby?

  • We Only Handle Adoption – Unlike other general family law practitioners, our firm only handles adoption matters.
  • Experienced – Bobby Mills has more than 35 years of experience representing all members of the adoption triad – adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees. He has directed an adoption agency and represented agencies in licensing issues. He has also represented both adoptive parents and birth parents in contested adoptions.
  • Free 15-minute Consultation Call – During this call, we will review the details together to see how we can best help you build your family.
  • Frequent Speaker at Continuing Education Seminars – Other attorneys have learned family law aspects from us through these seminars. Get your assistance from the source.
  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – Highly rated on Google, Excellent 5-star rating on respected legal site AVVO. See some of our client reviews below.
  • Bar Certified Specialist of Family Law – There are many rigorous factors in North Carolina to become certified by the Bar. We have taken the time and diligence to meet all these standards.
  • No Adoption Is Too Difficult or Complex – This is where our firm’s experience and depth of knowledge come into play. No matter how difficult your situation may seem, we fight for you and pursue your best results with tenacity.
  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – We have a personal connection to adoption matters. We know how nerve-wracking the process can be, and we care about your well-being. You are more than just a legal matter.
  • Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that every client’s needs are unique. We treat all our clients with the attention they deserve.
  • We Keep You Updated – We know transparency is important to you. We want you to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.

The average price of a domestic adoption in America is $32,000 or more. Don’t let your money go to waste. Contact our experienced adoption attorneys to ensure the process of building your family goes smoothly.

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Open vs Closed Adoptions

Open adoptions are currently the most common form of adoption in America, and they can have varying degrees of contact. The amount and form of communication are determined by the adoption agreement that is created at the beginning of the process. Some common ways that we often see adoptive families and birth families interact after an open adoption include:

  • Exchanging letters and pictures directly
  • Occasional visits between the two families
  • Staying in touch via social media (Facebook, etc)

In closed adoptions, the parties do not share full names. The mother does not receive a copy of the adoptive parents’ home study. The parties do not have an opportunity to communicate.

There are a couple of disadvantages to a closed adoption, such as:

  • These limitations on the freedom to communicate can cause an issue if the child encounters any medical problems down the road or if they have any questions as they get older about their birth parents and family.
  • Most birth mothers prefer an open adoption. Your options will be limited by choosing a closed adoption.
  • A closed adoption is difficult to reverse. Many times, at some point in the future, you or your child may want to establish a relationship with the birth parents. With a closed adoption, this is nearly impossible.

Semi-Open Adoption

When an open adoption makes you nervous, but a closed adoption seems too restrictive, there is a third option. Semi-open Adoption. This is when adoptive and birth parents communicate through an intermediary, generally an adoption specialist.

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Adopting Independently

You can adopt independently if you work directly with a biological parent. You work to provide the court with the paperwork that they need in order to evaluate and approve the adoption. There are some risks involved with direct adoption. It’s important to evaluate your case with our North Carolina adoption attorneys in order to identify potential problems and ensure that there are no problems that could derail the case and cause heartache.

Adopting Through an Agency

You may instead work through an adoption agency to identify a child that’s available for adoption. The adoption agency gathers information about you. They also gather information about children waiting for adoption. Then, they work to match families. An adoption agency can help you gather the paperwork you need to submit to the court. An experienced adoption attorney can help you with legal paperwork, and they can help you evaluate the case in order to ensure that your case is successful the first time.

Adopting Through Foster Care

Alternatively, some parents meet their adoptive children through foster care. A child in the foster care system may or may not be available for adoption. North Carolina social services workers try to reunite parents and children whenever possible. If that’s not in the child’s best interests, the child may become available for adoption. Foster parents may decide to adopt a child in their care. Approval to be a foster parent and approval to be an adoptive parent are separate procedures. Parents adopting from foster care still need the approval of the court through the adoption process.

Completing the Mandatory Home Study

North Carolina requires prospective adoptive parents (aside from most step-parent adoptions) to have a home study done before adoption. The home study involves multiple visits to your home. The evaluator gathers information about your family history, your health history, and the current makeup of your family. The evaluator talks to each family member about their feelings surrounding the adoption. The home study evaluator writes a report and sends it to the court for the court’s review. If you use an adoption agency for your adoption, they can help you arrange for an appropriate individual to conduct the home study. You must use an approved person or agency. If you adopt independently or if you use an agency, a North Carolina adoption attorney can help you find the appropriate evaluator. They can also help you review the evaluator’s recommendation. If you disagree with any information in the report, your attorney can help you determine how to address the inaccuracies.

Couples who have been married for less than 2 years may be required to have two post-placement visits and reports before the adoption is granted.

Helping You Adopt the Right Way

When you file for adoption, it’s important to have the appropriate consent from biological parents. You must either have the permission of both parents or you must have grounds to terminate the rights of a parent. You must provide each parent with notice of the proceedings.

If one parent doesn’t agree to the adoption, you must prove that the parent is unfit to parent under North Carolina law. The standard to win termination of a biological parent’s rights is very high. Our adoption attorneys in North Carolina can help you determine if your case is likely to be successful.

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“exceedingly professional, patient and helpful throughout our working with him,” “made sure we were able to do what we set out to accomplish without any hiccups,” “Mr. Mills went above and beyond to make sure it happened as quickly as it could and in a very positive way,” “I would recommend using Mr. Mills and Mills Adoption Law for anyone who needs help with adoption,” “Got more honest and good information out of Bobby Mills in 15 minutes than anyone else I talked to,” “Mr. Mills has been a wonderful attorney to work with during our interstate adoption in North Carolina,” “He is very accessible,” “Any time we had any questions he answered them immediately,” “His experience is very valuable in what could be an overwhelming process on your own,” “I felt that he always had our interests in mind and answered my texts and emails promptly,” “Bobby Mills has been with us every step of the way with our independent interstate adoption; a confusing and lengthy process that was always made easier with the help of him and his firm,” “I don’t know how my family would have made it through the adoption of our son without his guidance, help, and support.”

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Extra steps for International Adoptions

If you choose to adopt from another country, there are a few extra steps to your adoption. You must use an approved adoption agency. You must first complete the adoption in your child’s home country. Then, you must finalize your adoption in North Carolina.

The specifics of what you need to do to complete the adoption depend on your child’s home country. Your child may be formally adopted in their home country, or you may receive only a guardianship. In all cases, it’s important to verify your adoption in North Carolina in order to prevent challenges to the adoption in the future.

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