Experienced NC Adoption Lawyer Answers Adoption FAQs

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Experienced NC Adoption Lawyer Answers Adoption FAQs

Whether you’re considering adopting a child or placing a child for adoption, you likely have some legal questions about the adoption process in North Carolina. Below, Adoption Attorney Bobby Mills of Mills Adoption Law in Raleigh, NC, answers some of the most frequently asked questions he receives.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process of revoking the parental rights of a child’s birth parents for placement of the child with an adoptive family. The adoption establishes the legal parental rights of the adoptive parent or parents.

Adoption can include:

  • Giving a child new opportunities for a better life with an adoptive family
  • Terminating the parental rights of a biological parent
  • Allowing a relative or a step-parent to have legal parenting rights and raise the child responsibly
  • Allowing a child over 12 to choose adoption by a prospective adoptive parent

How to Start the Adoption Process in NC

You may adopt a child in North Carolina if you are an adult with an approved home study. You must file up-to-date home study results with your petition for adoption. The court will order a post-placement study to follow up with the prospective adopting parents and adopted child before finalizing the adoption in court.

What Is a Home Study, and Is It Required?

A home study is an inspection and interview process by a state-licensed provider or social worker who conducts interviews with all family members living in the home. In North Carolina, a home study includes fingerprinting and background checks for all adults in the home, and interviews and documentation to include:

  • Demographic information about race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and age
  • Financial earnings, savings, and investments
  • Mental and physical health
  • Marital and family history
  • Education and employment
  • Criminal history above minor traffic violations
  • Allegations of child abuse, domestic violence, neglect, or abandonment
  • The home environment and well-being of children in the home
  • The motivation of the adoptive parents to adopt

Can an Adoptive Family Pay the Costs Associated with the Birth for the Birth Parents?

Yes. If the birth parents and adoptive family agree, the adoptive parents can pay for certain expenses associated with the adoption, including certain birth parent living expenses. The adoptive parents must file an affidavit of fees and expenses related to the adoption. They may pay several costs for the birth parents, including:

  • Medical, travel, and hospital bills for prenatal and neonatal care
  • Birth parent adoption counseling by a licensed mental health professional
  • Living expenses during the pregnancy and up to six weeks after delivery
  • Legal expenses associated with the adoption
  • Agency costs and fees for applications, the home study, and administrative fees

Do Both Birth Parents Need to Consent to Placing a Child for Adoption?

If possible, the birth mother and the biological father must consent to placing a child up for adoption in North Carolina. However, paternal rights must be established before requiring the father’s consent. If the father indicates no interest in establishing parental rights, just the mother’s consent is necessary.

North Carolina a father’s consent is required to the adoption if:

  • He married the mother of the child or was married to her within a certain period around the birth of the child
  • He attempted to marry the mother before the birth of the child
  • He has established legal paternity of the child
  • He provided financial support or other support for the mother during her pregnancy

In cases where one or both birth parents have lost parental rights or have died, a legal guardian or adoptive parent may consent to place a child for adoption if they have legal parental rights over the child.

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