How To Market Yourself To Find A Baby To Adopt

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marketing an adoption

One of the critical steps in any adoption is finding the right child for your family. Both birth parents and adoptive parents want to make sure that each child finds the right family. When you decide to adopt, you must find a child to adopt. You might wonder how to go about finding a child that needs a loving home. One option is to use the Internet to look directly for a birth parent who wants to place their child for adoption. Here’s how to market yourself to find a baby to adopt in North Carolina:

Tell people that you’re pursuing adoption

A great way to find a baby to adopt is telling your family and friends that you want to adopt a child. Word of mouth is a great way to spread the word that you’re looking to adopt. You can tell friends and family personally, and you can also post an announcement on social media. Your social media post should be both personal and factual. It doesn’t need to be too long, but it should explain that you’ve decided to adopt. You can explain your reasons for wanting to pursue adoption.

Your friends and family can help you spread the word that you’re ready to open your home to a child. They may know someone who wants to place a baby for adoption. Word of mouth in person or by social media may be all that you need to find a child who is waiting for a loving home.

Harness social media to find a baby to adopt

Social media can be a powerful tool when you’re looking for a child to adopt. You can create a Facebook page or a page on another social media site in order to share your adoption journey with family and friends. Title your page your adoption journey, and make sure that the page is public. If your page is public, your friends and family can share your posts. Birth parents who find your page can read your story.

On all of your posts, include an invitation for anyone who is aware of a child available for adoption to contact you. It’s important that your social media posts explain what you’re asking others to do. Make sure that your posts don’t sound like an advertisement. They should ask friends and family to contact you or to pass on your contact information if they’re aware of a child that is available for adoption.

What to put on social media to find a baby to adopt

When you post on social media, you’re sharing your family story. Your posts should be a mix or writing, photos and video. None of your posts need to be long. You can just share the things that are important to you.

Talk about your current family. Discuss why you want to grow your family through adoption. Your social media page is a good place to share your family values and your family goals.

Your online presence is your first impression. You have the opportunity to carefully craft the image that you portray online. Take the time to look at what you post. See if it tells a consistent story. Your social media is your opportunity to share with birth parents why you’re looking for a baby to adopt. You can explain why you want to adopt, what you have to offer a child and how birth parents can get in touch with you.

Use websites that link birth parents and adoptive parents

There are websites that help birth parents and adoptive parents connect. Even though a generic classified ad site can be an option, most birth parents who are looking to place their child for adoption make their way to websites that help birth parents and adoptive parents connect. These websites allow you to post photos and videos that tell your family story. Like social media, you’re looking to make a good first impression with birth parents looking for an adoptive family for their child. You can also ask friends and family to write a testimonial on your behalf.

Beware of scammers

Unfortunately, when you’re looking online for a baby to adopt, it’s important to beware of scammers. There are scammers that exist in the field of adoption. Here are some of the ways that you can spot an adoption scam:

  • A strange email address
  • A subject line in an email that doesn’t fit or make sense
  • Fast requests for money
  • A request for a plane ticket
  • A message that’s very generic and may have been sent several times
  • Multiple births like twins or triplets

One way to prevent an adoption scam is to arrange for a phone call with a birth parent. A video chat can also be a great way to see if a person is who they claim they are. If a parent is unable to answer simple questions or their personal story is inconsistent, it’s important to be careful.

It’s important to work with a North Carolina adoption attorney any time you market yourself to find a baby to adopt. Your attorney can help you research the background of a potential birth parent in order to avoid scams. They can help you address any red flags that could create problems in your adoption.

Consider what’s important to you when you choose an adoptive child

When you’re looking to find a baby to adopt, it’s important to consider what’s important to you. Consider what your absolutes are for adoption. Are you looking to adopt a child from birth, or are you open to adopting an older child? Are you willing to adopt outside of North Carolina even if there’s travel and extra paperwork involved? What kind of personal history are you looking for in a birth parent? Considering these questions in advance can help you present your story to birth parents in a way that’s consistent and welcoming.

Finding a baby that’s available for adoption in North Carolina

The Internet helps birth parents and adoptive parents connect. More than ever before, adoptive parents are using the Internet to grow their family through adoption. Finding a baby to adopt means telling your story to parents who are looking to place a child for adoption.

You can use videos, photos and stories to share your family story with potential families. Tell a story that is consistent and friendly. Be clear about your reasons for wanting to adopt. Remember, the Internet is only one way that you can look for a baby to adopt in North Carolina. If you’re wondering about how you can market yourself and go through the rest of the adoption journey, let us know! Bobby Mills can answer your questions, help you complete the necessary paperwork and take steps to avoid problems as you grow your family through adoption.

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