The Benefits of Adopting A Baby in North Carolina

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According to the National Council for Adoption, experts estimate that 100 million Americans have been touched by adoption – whether by adopting children themselves or knowing someone who has. Adoption is so prevalent in our country for good reason: There are numerous benefits for those who choose this path. And while each person’s experience is different, the rewards are impossible to quantify.

Whether you have always hoped to grow your family through adoption, you are struggling with infertility, you are an LGBTQ couple hoping to adopt, or any number of other situations, the decision to build your family through adoption is life-changing. Though it is not easy or seamless, the process can prove the most rewarding decision you will ever make. We are proud to walk with families through this process and to help them navigate the legal complexities so they can realize their dreams of building a family.

Give a child a supportive home environment.

Thousands of children worldwide need adoption, and for different reasons. Many prospective adoptive parents decide to adopt because they feel the pull to provide a loving home to a child who would otherwise be very unlikely to find a safe and supportive home.

One of the benefits of adoption is that adoptive parents can provide one of these children, whether they have been through traumatic events in their lives, have lost their parents, or are simply in need of a loving and supportive home, just that place. Adoptive parents can provide a child with opportunities they may never have had otherwise and, most importantly, the chance to be part of a supportive family. The benefit of this, to both the child and the parent, is unmatched.

The benefits of adoption extend to the children themselves. Often, adoptive children:

  • Are placed with families who have planned, prepared, and hoped for them, have completed the home study process, and are prepared to provide a stable home.
  • Frequently grow up with opportunities they may not otherwise have had, like financial support and the chance to attend college.
  • Are raised knowing they are loved by both their adoptive families and their birth families.

As such, the benefits of adoption extend beyond just you and/or your partner’s dreams for your family.

Adoption enables those struggling to conceive biological children to start a family of their own.

Without adoption, many people do not have the option of becoming a parent. Whether a person is struggling with infertility, is in a same-sex relationship, is single, or cannot conceive for other reasons, sometimes natural conception is not possible. And while there is no remedy for the pain these situations bring, adoption allows these hopeful parents to build a family.

Build a family in any walk of life.

No matter your age, race, level of education, marital status, or socioeconomic standing, adoption is likely an option for you. Recently, our country has seen unprecedented increases in the number of single-parent and same-sex adoptions. Ultimately, what matters is whether you can provide a child with a loving and stable home.

Protect your health and the health of a child.

For many people, pregnancy is a high-risk medical situation. Others may fear passing on a dangerous genetic condition to a baby. These individuals may ultimately decide to pursue adoption rather than to conceive a biological child. This decision is highly personal, but adoption provides an opportunity for these parents to not only start a family but also to care for a child in need of adoption.

Expand your horizons.

Welcoming an adoptive child into your home will challenge you in ways you could never anticipate. You may be surprised just how much you learn about yourself and your other family members as you continue to learn and grow with your new addition.

There is no telling what your new child will bring into your life, and this is one of the joys and benefits of adoption. As everyone learns differently, including your child, you will have to expand your mind to embrace new perspectives. If you choose to adopt a child from a different cultural or socioeconomic background, you may be able to incorporate that child’s background into your family life. This may mean exposing your family to new cultural traditions and versing yourself in new education and history. This is a life-changing opportunity for cultural enrichment.

Seek financial assistance for adoption.

Adoptions can be expensive. . To combat this, an adoption tax credit is available for families to offset some of the expenses involved (including, in many cases, court costs related to the legal proceedings). Grants and loans are also available. Benefits may also be available through your employer. 

Support a birth mother.

Every birth parent’s experience is different and while this may not be true in every situation, many birth mothers use their story in helping others facing challenging decisions regarding pregnancy, conception, and raising children.

The benefits of adoption cannot be summed up in an article.

Just like its benefits, the decision to adopt is personal. However, not only will your family and your joy grow in proportion, but you will give a child the priceless gift of love and support. If you’d like to learn more about how adoption has positively impacted families’ lives, ask your community. There are numerous forums available for prospective adoptive parents to read personal stories and ask questions. Chances are, given the sheer number of those touched by adoption in our country, you know someone with lived experience.

Adoption is a process that demands patience and endurance. If you are adopting independently, you will need to build your own team of adoption professionals to assist you with various parts of the process – preparing an adoption profile or building a website, completing a home study, providing birth mother screening and counseling, managing finances, postplacement supervision, and legal finalization.  It’s critical to engage a knowledgeable partner at the outset of your journey.

With more than 30 years of experience helping North Carolina families realize their dream of growing their families through adoption, Bobby Mills helps clients navigate the infant adoption process. He works with adoptive parents to handle challenges, from selecting an evaluator to with the birth mother. Having a skilled attorney on your side can help you handle the process as seamlessly as possible, putting you one step closer to preparing to bring your new baby home. Experience – The ability to anticipate life’s challenges, so they never become problems.  

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